For those who experienced Lizzie Lincoln's Haunted House, we call forth the memories of
your terror, your bone-chilling fear at the thought of being trapped inside those walls
forever ... like Lizzie is. And for those who didn't get the chance, or who weren't quite
brave enough at the time, we urge you to prepare yourselves for the reincarnation of the
infamous Lizzie Lincoln Haunted House.
Her legend is not dead yet.
What happened the night Lizzie fell down the stairs to her untimely and merciless death?
The truth lies entombed in the walls of this abandoned house tucked away on a desolate
country road in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Some 70 years after Lizzie's early 20th century
demise, after countless unexplainable incidents that added to the legend, the house was
resurrected as a
Halloween attraction inside a real haunted house.
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Lizzie Lincoln Haunted House
Lizzie Lincoln Haunted House
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