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Ghost Tours
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Ghost Tour of Philadelphia, PA
Discover the secrets hidden in the
shadows of America's most historic
and most haunted city on a
Candlelight Walking Tour of Old City
and Society Hill!
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Brinton Lodge Ghost Hunting Tour
Step inside one of the top 10 most
haunted houses in Pennsylvania for
an evening of mystery, exploration,
and discovery! At least 5 spectral
spirits haunt this site.
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Ghost Tour of Lancaster, PA
Peer into the shadows of the Other
Side and find spine-tingling tales of
ghosts, haunted mansions, and eerie
cemeteries in Pennsylvania Dutch
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Ghost Tour of St. Petersburg, FL
Peer into the shadows and mysteries
of Florida's Sunshine City and
discover forgotten tales brought back
to life along quaint streets and
beautiful waterfront!
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Ghost Tour of Tampa, FL
In the city once described as the
"damnedest town this side of hell,"
experience an entertaining evening
with tales of Tampa's haunted, quirky
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Ghost Stories
Create your own dark and stormy
night with a spooky book of ghost
stories. Books feature stories on the
tour and extra haunting tales from
each city.
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