What happened the night Lizzie fell down the stairs to her untimely and merciless death? The truth lies
entombed in the walls of this abandoned house tucked away on a desolate country road in Berks County,
Pennsylvania. Some 70 years after Lizzie's early 20th century demise, after countless unexplainable incidents
that added to the legend, the house was resurrected as a Halloween attraction. For those of you who
experienced Lizzie Lincoln Haunted House, we dare you to visit Lizzie's neighbor,
Brinton Lodge Haunted
House. We also invite you to share your memories of Lizzie's on Facebook and catch even more on YouTube.
Lizzie Lincoln Haunted House
The Legend of Lizzie Lincoln
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Brinton Lodge Haunted House
Brinton Lodge is an authentic haunted house. With a history that dates back over 250 years, it has become
home to a number of spirits that roam its winding hallways, twisting staircases, and 28 rooms. It seems that
those who have lived and died within its walls never leave.

The Lodge has been recognized as one of Pennsylvania's 10 most haunted houses, and mediums and psychics
have identified at least five ghosts haunting this grand mansion that sits on Route 724 in Douglassville, Berks
County, just west of Pottstown.

The event is a walk-through haunted house called "Horror in Free Love Valley," where you will be immersed in
the stories of spirits from two different eras. Both stories are loosely based on real historical events, one a
Halloween Ball in the 1930s and the other involving the notorious Battle-Axes of Free Love Valley in the 1800s.

The event is unlike any other Halloween attraction in the area. Make believe and modern-day scares are not
necessary. You will be immersed in a re-creation of a long-ago, true-life haunting where it will be impossible to
determine what is real and what is supernatural.

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